Portrait photos - For social media and dating sites.

Pets and People  - Capturing the unique bond between you and your pets.

Professional Portfolio - actors, modelling, headshots to improve your online presence.

Family Adventure - Recording a family day out, without losing someone behind the camera.

Commercial - Stunning imagery of your products, Team photos, Corporate ID badges.

Aerial Photography - Something slightly different, a picture of your home, village, town from the sky. 


Portrait Session - typically £90-£200

Pets and animals £90-£200

Maternity/Newborn shoot £75-150 

Event coverage £250-900

Aerial shoot £POA

Commercial/Product shoot £POA

I tailor my assignments to meet your exact requirements. As such, I do not have a formal pricing structure.

 Factors such as time, distance, post-editing and printing costs all influence the final price.

This can be discussed and negotiated prior to any commitment from you.

I can assure you however, that my pricing will ALWAYS be realistic, very competitive, and you will get a feeling of VALUE from my work.

The price quoted will be agreed in advance, and there are no hidden extras.

Imagery can be sent to you electronically, by post, or in person, whichever is more convenient for you.